As insurance brokers and risk management consultants, Warren Hill Risk Management and Insurance Broker Services Inc., seeks to obtain only the information necessary in order to analyze your insurance or surety coverage needs and to place cover with insurance or surety markets to meet those needs.  In some cases, the collection and use of personal information about an identifiable individual is essential to providing you with our services.  As well as obtaining this information from you directly, we may also obtain information such as credit, claim or loss history information from other sources.

Personal information about you may be used by Warren Hill to:

  • establish and maintain contact with you as our insurance or surety customer
  • submit to underwriters on a prudent basis for their consideration as to acceptance of the risk
  • investigate and pay claims or submit claims information to underwriters for the same purpose
  • detect and prevent fraud
  • offer and provide products and services to meet your needs as an insurance or surety customer
  • compile statistics for underwriters
  • comply with legal and regulatory requirements

We will often need to share your personal information with others in order to serve your needs.  These other parties commonly include:

  • Insurance or surety companies (also known as underwriters)
  • Other insurance brokers or agents
  • Credit organizations
  • Professional firms working with us such as adjusters or lawyers
  • Financial institutions - as an example, your mortgage company

Any individual who wishes to gain access to his or her personal information in our records or who wishes to challenge or complain regarding Warren Hill's handling of personal information must complete a Request / Complaint Form in writing.  This form can be obtained from the Privacy Officer.  Please send an email to, to obtain the form.

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