Nelcia De Melo and Jackie have worked alongside each other for over 13 years.  They complement each others skills and their ability to deliver solutions and effective service to their clients is second to none.  She has   acted   as  the   main   service  co-ordinator on large Public Sector clients whose populations are typically over 700,000.  Coordinating and documenting all aspects of numerous coverage lines and programs associated with these risks.  She heads up Warren Hill’s office administration and customer service and provides daily account management on our larger accounts to assure customer satisfaction.  Nelcia is often complimented on her attention to detail and her dedicated service delivery in supporting Jackie’s account management services. At Warren Hill, with Nelcia’s commitment to our clients, we are “proactive not reactive”.  Below is a brief list with a summary of what her services entailed:

  • Town of Richmond Hill - Nelcia provides customer service to the Town for the projects Warren Hill has been contracted for by the Risk Management division.  Nelcia has drafted the marketing documents, followed up with underwriters’ questions and terms, reviewed quotations for accuracy, and checked that policy documents were issued according to the negotiations.  Additionally, she drafted the policy document and information manuals for the Town and their construction partners.
  • City of Brampton - Main Service Co-ordinator while at another brokerage on the City’s Transit and Corporate Fleet, as well as, Windsor’s Transit coverage including assuring documentation was timely and accurate, US filings completed by insurers, issuing of pink cards, reconciliation of vehicle changes, and loss reports.  Answering of daily inquires by clients and/or underwriters.  At Warren Hill, Nelcia is currently the Senior Service Co-ordinator for the City's Facility User Program including updating rate sheets as other activities were added, issuance of customer manuals, and assuring the City’s web-site had the most current information (certificates, master certificate, and explanation of coverage).  Answering bookings inquiries and providing terms for events that fell outside the blanket rates.  Assuring accuracy of insurance documents, facilitate monthly reporting, and dealing with underwriter’s questions.
  • City of Mississauga- Main Service Co-ordinator to the City of Mississauga for over eight (8) years.  Negotiating coverage and daily service to their 120 Affiliates.  Managing the City’s Facility User Program including monthly reporting, training material, and daily account services inquiries.

can bring up-to-date solutions because of their hands-on expertise in niche risk operations such as sports, construction, events, etc. set Warren Hill apart from the other broker offerings.

Warren Hill realizes the importance of having a team who knows the Municipal environment, which has the unique challenge of having operations that span over a wide variety of risk exposures that are often influenced by the pressures of the fast changing legal and legislative platforms. The policies and decisions set by municipalities are often held to a higher standard than most public corporations, with the emerging trend by constituents focusing on scrutinizing the results of their decisions.  Having a team, who not only has the municipal   experience,   but 

Where Risk Comes First

Services to Municipalities

  • Operational exposures associated with City run and Non-profit Affiliated groups providing activities and programs related to Culture,RecreationTourism, Special Events, and Community Services.
  • The environmental exposures and D&O obligations associated with Waste Management, services of Water & Wastewater, and Infrastructure Construction.
  • Police Services  and their exposures to false arrest actions.  As well as, the understanding of the confidentiality of their vehicle descriptions and claim defense
  • Public Transit  operations including assuring the fleet is not associated with any heavy vehicles so that loss transfer is avoided.  Additionally, the crime exposures related to coin conversions by third parties.
  • Errors and Omissions exposures associatedwith Planning and Procurement operations.
  • Public Health  exposures related to E&O, molestation, and Cyber Risk exposures.
  • Liability and E&O exposures associated with  sidewalk & road maintenance and repair.

Experience in Delivering Municipal Services

Warren Hill is capable of delivering insurance coverage and risk management advice on the following services related to municipal operations:

Facility User Program

Our User Program has been developed from our deep routed experience in Sports and Special Events.  Coupled with our understanding of Municipal operations and procedures, it allows us to provide seamless delivery to assure risk transfer of these challenging and unique exposures.  Specific highlights of our manuscript wording include:

  • Named Insured - The policy we provide is designed to include a comprehensive definition of the individuals who may participate in the Renter’s activity within the municipality’s owned or managed facilities.
  • Additional Insured - The municipality, its’ officers, elected officials, employees, contract employees, temporary employees, volunteers, facility management companies including their employees, and anyone action on behalf of the municipality but only with respect to the Named Insured’s operations and use of the facility identified under contract and/or rental agreement.
  • Cross Liability and Severability of Insured's - The clause allows actions between Named Insureds and Additional Insureds.
  • Participant Coverage - The policy includes participant to participant and will defend all parties under the Named Insured and Additional.
  • Intentional Injury - The policy exclusion has been amended to defend all parties under the Named and Additional Named Insured for bodily injury or property damage expected or intended from the standpoint of the Insured.

Our President, Jackie Wedley, has over 28 years insurance experience as an Insurance Broker specializing in various niche insurance markets where clients have either complicated exposures, difficulty in securing coverage, or need detailed operational and/or contract advice.  She has provided account management services to the City of Mississauga and their 120 Non-profit groups for 8 years.  Jackie has provided Account Management to the City of Windsor and the City of Brampton on their Transit program plus she understands risks involving automobile, heavy truck and transit bus fleets.  In addition, she worked with York Region to transition their account from a reciprocal to a traditional insurer which included exposures related to medical malpractice and manages York Region’s owner controlled insurance program (OCIP).  

Jackie has developed an exclusive User Program which allows smaller non-profit and community groups to purchase insurance for government facilities on hourly rates. She has also been a key innovator in developing “Affiliate Programs” for her municipal clients’ non-profit community groups that are more comprehensive than the standard programs.  Jackie has established herself in the insurance market as an innovator by developing manuscript wordings and problem solving outside of the box.  Her attention to detail and ability to get the job done are the qualities that set her apart.  With Jackie having specialty insurance skills in these areas that Municipalities manage daily, it facilitates to  better serve Municipalities.  Below is a brief list with a summary of what her services entailed:

  • Town of Richmond Hill - While at JLT Canada, Jackie was asked by the Public Sector division to handle the daily service needs and risk management advice for the Town of Richmond Hill.  These services included contract review, certificate review, negotiations and problem solving with suppliers who did not meet Certificate of Insurance requirements, placement of project specific (Course of Construction, Wrap-up, and Environmental Liability) on two environmentally sensitive construction projects, and advice on risk transfer procedures for special events.  Upon leaving JLT Canada to set-up her own boutique brokerage, Warren Hill, the Town hired her on a project basis to assist with their renewal in 2012.   In 2013, the Town appointed Warren Hill, with Jackie as the Lead Account Manager, for a period of two years and the possibility of 2 additional.  Since this time, the Town’s program has been transferred to another specialty public sector provider, in combination with breaking out specific coverage lines to specialty insurers who could offer broader coverage for environmental, D&O, and property.  In Addition, the Town has put in place a “blanket OCIP construction program” that not only includes Course of Construction and Wrap-up, but extends to provide environmental coverage on an occurrence form.
  • City of Mississauga- Broker services for over 10 years at a previous brokerage.  Lead Senior Account Manager which included transitioning their main program deductible to SIR, Affiliate Program development, Facility User Program development and management, Special Events, Construction Projects (Ridgeway Bridge & all the prep work and marketing for the BRT), Renewal placement, Marketing Coordination, Risk Reports, Contract Reviews, Research Papers, and Claim Assistance.
  • City of Brampton - Broker services for their transit, emergency services, works department, and corporate fleet at a previous brokerage.  Jackie transitioned their “wheels” insurance from OMEX to a traditional public sector insurer and provided this service for over 2 years before Jackie left to join a competing brokerage firm.  In addition, Jackie set-up their “facility user” insurance program.   In December 2013, Warren Hill was appointed by Brampton’s Risk Management department through the RFP process to handle the “facility user” insurance program and remodel it with new coverage improvements and risk management protocols.
  • City Council  exposures related to decision before their adjudication, planning, service delivery policies, by-law changes, financial management, and RFP selection ratification as it is related to CGL, E&O, D&O, and EIL protection.
  • Extension of coverage for the operation of Library Boards, Business Development Boards, Committees & Boards of Council, and Commissions.
  • Emergency Services  and their unique exposures related to duty of care, medical malpractice, and response times.
  • Community Services  including programs run by municipalities, special events, and facilities rented by third parties. Providing contract reviews, Certificates of Insurance reviews, recommendations on hold harmless and waivers, best insurance and risk management practices.  We also can arrange Affiliate programs and Facility User programs.
  • Construction insurance contract review, insurance standard assistance, placement of OCIP (Course of Construction, Wrap-up, Environmental Liability, and E&O) both blanket and project specific for Infrastructure Construction and P3 Projects.