Our risk management and insurance software tools are as sophisticated, if not, more sophisticated than most brokers. We are the first Canadian insurance broker to introduce this “Cloud Risk and Management System”, which has over 17,000 users in the United States since its introduction just three years ago. It has been voted “client’s number one choice”. Warren Hill’s software system allow our clients easy access into their secured information module any hour from any location to obtain insurance certificates, report claims, as well as, a host of other information they require.

In today’s world, our clients are expected to manage large amounts of information, protocols, certificates, and process. Budgets are tight and tasks come fast where you need to provide answers quickly and efficiently. Having systems that organize information, keep registers, send reports on pre-set schedules, download information, and accessible anywhere in the world, frees up your Risk Manager’s or Executive Director’s time.

Warren Hill Insurance & Risk Management Software

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