Our Vision

Warren Hill Risk has been created with a common vision of getting back to “putting client service needs in the forefront”. Tired of large broker organizations where the client focus is distracted by internal issues and the drive to satisfy shareholder’s returns, Warren Hill was born. Staying within our specialty experience, our focus is to grow by providing our clients with systems that streamline insurance workloads and create efficiencies by working as an extension of their service deliverables. We are focused on public sector and non-profit clients that value our knowledge and service deliverables, and rank these skill sets at the top of their insurance program provider selection criteria.

Our Mission

We transact business with Insurers who are rated AM Best B+ or better and provide not only specialized insurance products but hands on risk management. Through our professional associations including the Insurance Institute of Canada, Registered Insurance Broker Associations, Independent Financial Brokers, the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Insurers, Adjusting Firms, and various legal information groups. We remain current and connected to ensure our clients benefit from the information, as well as, pro-active solutions when new issues emerge. It is this proactive approach to insurance and risk that has gained our team members the respect of clients, underwriters, and our peers. Having a two-tier management structure and the niche brokerage focus will amplify these benefits to our customers.

Our Mission Statement

“To develop an Insurance Brokerage focused on client’s needs by employing the best brokers and risk managers within their specialties, and provide our clients with the most advanced systems and information to manage their risks, insurance programs, as well as ease their administrative burdens.”

The name Warren Hill speaks to the drive for excellence and the ability to be the best. In Newmarket England, Warren Hill is the gallops where the “best of the best” racehorses are trained to win some of the most prestigious races throughout the world. With our President’s history of growing up within the equestrian community, the name fits our mission.

Why Warren Hill?

Where Risk Comes First